Jurberg Lab

We are an enthusiastic research group working in the frontiers of organic synthesis, with a strong emphasis on three main areas: i) chemistry of heterocycles, ii) photochemistry and iii) asymmetric organocatalysis


05 July 2022

Igor D. Jurberg has been promoted to Associate Professor, level 5.1, at Unicamp. Congratulations, Igor!

30 June 2022

Kaue C. Capellaro finishes his undergraduate training in our research group and says farewell today. Good bye and good luck, Kaue!

23 June 2022

Laiéli dos S. Munaretto has successfully defended her PhD and leaves for a post-doctoral appointment at Cornell University, US (Prof. Song Lin). Congratulations and best of luck, Laiéli!

13 June 2022

Our collaborative review article on cyclization strategies employing cyclic imides for the synthesis of nitrogen-containing compounds with Prof. Diego Gamba-Sánchez (U. los Andes, Colombia) has been just accepted in Eur. J. Org. Chem.. This work was submitted following an invitation for the special issue "Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry in Latin America." Congratulations, Yovanny!

27 May 2022

Dr Ana Maria S. Recchi was hired by Peroxidos do Brasil/ Solvay and said farewell to the group today. Congratulations and good luck, Ana!

28 April 2022

Juliana de S. Schenfel finishes her undergraduate laboratory training in our group and says good-bye today. Good luck for the future, Ju!

27 April 2022

Igor delivered a virtual talk entitled "Visible Light Mediated Transformations of Aryldiazoacetates",  together with the talks of Profs. Marcio Paixão (UFSCar, Brazil) and Silvina Pellegrinet (U. N. Rosario, Argentina), for the Cheminar "Celebrating Organic Synthesis in Latin America", promoted by Science of Synthesis, Thieme; and hosted by Prof. Gary Molander (U. Pennsylvania, US). Great event!

4 April 2022

Dr. Tales A. C. Goulart joins the group as a Post-Doc. He will be working within our Fapesp Thematic Research Grant on the synthesis of guanidine derivatives. Welcome, Tales!

24 March 2022

Igor is a Visiting Scholar funded by CAPES and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the University of Regensburg, Germany, working with Prof. Burkhard König. The U. Regensburg did a nice Press Release on this collaboration. Check this out here.

22 March 2022

Our manuscript on H-F insertions onto alpha-diazo carbonyl compounds has been just accepted in Org. Biomol. Chem. The work describes a very practical and high-yielding (thermal) protocol to synthesize alpha-fluorinated carbonyl compounds starting from the corresponding alpha-diazo carbonyl compounds and HF.pyr (Olah reagent). This work was submitted in the context of an invitation to Igor as a New Talent web themed issue. Congratulations, Laiéli, Rafael and Luiz Paulo! Nice work!

16 February 2022

Guilherme Cariello joins the group as a new PhD student. He will be supervised by Prof. Rodrigo Cormanich (IoChem - Unicamp) and co-supervised by Prof. Igor Jurberg. Welcome, Guilherme!

20 January 2022

Igor delivers a virtual talk at the University of Regensburg entitled "Visible Light-Mediated Transformations of Aryldiazoacetates" in the context of his collaborative work with Prof. Burkhard König.

15 January 2022

Our Manuscript on a visible light-mediated 3-component reaction allowing the functionalization of cyclic ethers with aryldiazoacetates and nucleophiles has been just accepted in Org. Chem. Frontiers. A comprehensive study of the mechanism of this transformation by DFT calculations is also included, as the consequence of our collaboration with the Cormanich group (Unicamp, SP) in this project. Congratulations, Mateus, Rafael and the Cormanich group!

12 January 2022

Yovanny Q. Acosta (supervised by Prof. Diego Gamba-Sanchez, U. los Andes, Colombia and co-supervised by Prof. Igor Jurberg, Unicamp, Brazil) has successfully defended his PhD thesis via a hybrid online/ in-place ceremony. A truly international team of jury members has  participated in the evaluation of his work, from Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Spain. Bravo, Yovanny! Great work!