Jurberg Lab

We are an enthusiastic research group working in the frontiers of organic synthesis, with a strong emphasis on three main areas: i) chemistry of heterocycles, ii) photochemistry and iii) asymmetric organocatalysis



15 January 2022

Our Manuscript on a visible light-mediated 3-component reaction allowing the functionalization of cyclic ethers with aryldiazoacetates and nucleophiles has been just accepted in Org. Chem. Frontiers. A comprehensive study of the mechanism of this transformation by DFT calculations is also included, as the consequence of our collaboration with the Cormanich group (Unicamp, SP) in this project. Congratulations, Mateus, Rafael and the Cormanich group!

12 January 2022

Yovanny Q. Acosta (supervised by Prof. Diego Gamba-Sanchez, U. los Andes, Colombia and co-supervised by Prof. Igor Jurberg, Unicamp, Brazil) has successfully defended his PhD thesis via a hybrid online/ in-place ceremony. A truly international team of jury members has  participated in the evaluation of his work, from Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Spain. Bravo,Yovanny! Great work!

22 December 2021

Felipe A. Saito finishes his undergraduate training in the group. Best of luck, Felipe!

20 December 2021

Igor receives the CNPq Productivity Award level 2. Great!

25 November 2021

Igor delivered a virtual talk on "The Nobel Prize of Chemistry 2021 and How to Become a Chemist" to the Institute Principia (in portuguese). Check this out here

18 November 2021

Our manuscript on blue light -promoted strategies to access alkyl 2-carboxylate-2,3,3-trisubstituted-lactams and 5-alkoxy-2,2,4-trisubstituted furan-3(2H)-ones using aryldiazoacetates and aryldiazoketones has been just accepted in Org. Lett. Congratulations Laieli, Caio, Rafael and Celso!

10 November 2021

Our manuscript on the blue light-mediated O-H insertion of oximes into aryldiazoacetates has been just accepted in J. Org. Chem. Depending on the solvent employed, it is possible to reach different products. In DCM, one obtains the direct insertion. In THF, one obtains a multicomponent reaction, with the structure of the product incorporating the ring-opened form of the solvent. Congratulations Mateus, Marcelo, Luiz Paulo and Felipe!

3 November 2021

Our manuscript entitled "A Selective C-C Bond Cleavage Strategy Promoted by Visible Light" has been just accepted in Org. Lett. Congratulations Rafael, Marcelo, Amanda and Celso!

16 April 2021

Igor delivers an online talk entitled as "Blue Light-Promoted Reactions of Aryldiazoacetates" to the Indian Institute of Technology - Guwahati

25 March 2021

Igor delivers a virtual talk presenting the evolution of his research group and the research carried out since its start in 2014 in the context of him receiving the Zeferino Vaz Award in 2020 at the IQ-Unicamp. It is available on YouTube, check it here.

04 February 2021

Celso Y. Okada Jr has successfuly defended his PhD Thesis. Congratulations, Celso! Nice work!

08 January 2021

Amanda F. da Silva has successfully defended her PhD Thesis. Bravo, Amanda! Great job!