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Jurberg Lab

We are an enthusiastic research group working in the frontiers of organic synthesis, with a strong emphasis on three main areas: i) chemistry of heterocycles, ii) photochemistry and iii) homogeneous catalysis



22 December 2019

Our manuscript on the blue light-promoted N-H insertion of carbazoles, pyrazoles and 1,2,3-triazoles into aryldiazoacetates has been accepted in Adv. Synth. Catal. This work shows how a number of pharmaceutically-useful motifs can be readily assembled in a straightforward and experimentally simple procedure. Congratulations, Mateus, Alessandra, Amanda and Celso!

17 December 2019

Our work in collaboration with Prof. Diego Gamba-Sánchez (UniAndes, Colombia) on the synthesis of Izidine alkaloids Coniceine, Quinolizidine, Tashiromine, Epilupinine and the core of Valmerin alkaloids has  been just accepted in Org. Lett. This work describes an intramolecular aldol condensation strategy using TfOH-activated imide moieties. When preceded by an aza-Michael addition, this straightforward approach becomes an elusive example of an aza-Robinson annulation strategy. Congratulations Yovanny!

6 December 2019

Igor is invited to deliver a Talk, entitled "Two Recent Stories from our Laboratory: Izidine Alkaloids and Free Carbenes" at the Department of Chemistry, UFSCar, SP.

22 October 2019

Igor obtained his Habilitation ("Livre Docência"). Congratulations!

17-20 October 2019

As the current Chair of the ACS Brazil Chapter, Igor went to the ACS Chapters Leadership Summit, at the JW Marriott Hotel, in Lima, Peru. The event counted with the presence of other International Chapter leaders (Colombia and Peru) and several Student Chapters (Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico). Great event!

30 September 2019

Dr. Samuel Thurow finishes his post-doctoral appointment in our group (2017-2019) and says farewell, as he leaves to take up a new position at Eurofarma. Congratulations, Samuel! And good luck in the future!

21 August 2019

Igor delivers a Talk entitled "Old Dogs, New Tricks: Employing Isoxazolones as Versatile Building Blocks in Organic Synthesis" at the Institute of Chemistry of the University of São Paulo

20 August 2019

Our manuscipt on the preparation of a new class of organic nitrates using aryldiazoacetates and Fe(NO3)3.9H2O has been just accepted in the journal Organic Letters. This work has been performed in collaboration with the group of Prof. Ganzarolli (Unicamp). Congratulations, Samuel, Alessandra, Yovanny and the Ganzarolli team!

08 July 2019

Kauê Capellaro is awarded a BSc Fellowship from Fapesp. Congratulations, Kauê!

27 May 2019

Igor delivers a Talk entitled "Blue Light-Promoted Photolysis of Aryldiazoacetates" at the workshop Chemistry and Light: Frontiers and Challenges of the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Chemistry, in Joinville, SC, Brazil.

30  April de 2019

Igor is elected as the Chair of the ACS Brazil Chapter for the period 2019-2020.

2 April 2019

Our manuscript on the conversion of isoxazol-5-ones to 3,5-disubstituted isoxazoles has been just accepted in the European Journal of Organic Chemistry. Congratulations Alessandra, Amanda, Celso and Vitor!

1 April 2019

Igor delivers a Talk entitled "Blue Light-Promoted Photolysis of Aryldiazoacetates" for the Mini Symposium on Organic Synthesis/Photochemistry between Unicamp and Univ. Regensburg (Germany)

8 March 2019

Our work on the RuCl3/ PPh3 - Catalyzed Direct Conversion of Isoxazol-5-ones to 2,3-Disubstituted Pyridines has been just accepted in Chemistry Select. Congratulations Alessandra and Mateus!

7 February 2019

Mateus Stivanin is back to the group for a PhD. Welcome back!

6 February 2019

Marcelo Duarte and Caio Yu start a MSc in our group. Welcome!

6 December 2018

Members of the three laboratories  of Block A5 of the Institute of Chemistry at Unicamp (JurbergMarsaioli and Ornelas) joined for a Barbecue to celebrate the end of the year. Great day!

9-12 October 2018

Igor delivers a Talk at the 33rd Latin American Congress of Chemistry in Havana, Cuba, with a presentation entitled: " Catalytic Application of Isoxazol-5-ones in Organic Synthesis". Great event!

1-3 October 2018

Igor delivers a Talk entitled "Catalytic Methods Employing Isoxazol-5-ones" at the 1st Brazilian Symposium on Sustainable Chemistry, at São Pedro, SP. Great event!

5 September 2018

Igor delivers a webinar for CERSusChem (a GSK-Fapesp Excellence Research Center for Sustainable Chemistry) on the chemistry literature of some unusual heterocycles, while also presenting part of the research carried out by his group on this theme.

Watch it here! (In portuguese)

9 August 2018

Igor receives a Prize from Inova, the Innovation Agency of Unicamp, in recognition for his licensed technology to the company Organic Libraries. Great!

13 July 2018

Edgar Yovanny Q. Acosta finishes his one-year visit in our group and returns to Colombia to continue his PhD work with Prof. Diego Gamba-Sanchez (UniAndes). Good luck, Yovanny!

17 May 2018

Our joint work with the Davies group (Emory University, US) on the photolysis of aryldiazoacetates has been just accepted in Chemical Science! Great!

16 May 2018

 Vitor finishes his undergraduate research period at our lab and says good-bye to the group... Good luck, Vitor!

1 May 2018

A PhD Fellowship from Fapesp is awarded to Alessandra A. G. Fernandes. Congratulations, Alessandra!

3 April 2018

Our Short Review on the chemistry of isoxazol-5-ones has been just accepted in Synthesis! Congratulations Amanda, Alessandra, Samuel and Mateus!

24 March 2018

A joint publication between research groups of Unicamp (Profs. Marcos Eberlin and Igor Jurberg) and the University of Vienna (Profs. Leticia Gonzalez and Nuno Maulide) has been just accepted in Chemical Science! This study describes a Claisen rearrangement employing aryl sulfoxides and ynamides that can be deviated from previously established ortho- to an unusual meta-selectivity. Congratulations Renan and all teams involved!

23 February 2018

Mateus has successfully defended his M.Sc. in our group. Congratulations, Mateus!

31 Janurary 2018

Marcelo Duarte finishes his undergraduate work in our laboratory and leaves for an internship at a local chemical company, Apex-Science. The team wishes you all the best, Marcelo!

15 December 2017

Igor delivers a talk entitled "Old Dogs, New Tricks: New Transformations Employing Isoxazol-5-ones" at the first reunion of past-members from the Melchiorre group, at ICIQ, Tarragona, Spain. A great day!

14 September 2017

Our work on the synthesis of pyridines has been accepted in The Journal of Organic Chemistry. This work describes a two-step process to convert ketones and alkylidene isoxazolones to tri- and tetrasubstituted pyridines. Congratulations team!

30 August 2017

Our joint work with the Davies group on the insertion of donor-acceptor diazocompounds using rhodim catalysis into the N-O bond  of isoxazolones and a corresponding metal-free approach  has been accepted in Organic Letters. This work is the result of a research stay of Igor as a Visiting Professor (Fulbright Junior Faculty Award) in the group of Prof. Huw Davies (Emory University, US).

15 August 2017

Samuel Thurow  joins the group as our new post-doc. Welcome!

9-11 August 2017

Igor delivers a talk entitled "Teaching Old Ponies New Tricks: Decarboxylative Transformations Using Isoxazol-5-ones" at the SILQCOM6, in Puerto Iguazú, Argentina.

1 August 2017

Edgar Yovanny Q. Acosta joins the group as a visiting Ph.D. student from U. los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia (Group of Prof. Diego Gamba-Sanchez). Welcome!

28 April 2017

Our work describing a highly stereoselective alpha-propargylation of ketones via the use of alkylidene isoxazolones has been accepted in Chemistry - A European Journal.

This communication has been selected as a "Hot Paper" and highlighted as a Internal Cover of the journal.

1 March 2017

Two new PhD students join our group: Alessandra Godoy and Celso Okada. Welcome!

1 February 2017

Marcelo Duarte gets an undergraduate fellowship from Fapesp to work one more year at our lab. Congratulations, Marcelo!

30 January - 1 February 2017

Igor delivers a minicourse on organocatalysis at the XXXV National Meeting of Chemistry Students, entitled "Organocatalysis: a Powerful Tool in Organic Synthesis". This year, the event took place at USP, SP.

20 November 2016

Undergraduate students Naylil Capreti and Camila Sartori finished their undergraduate training at the lab and have now left for new positions. Naylil is now working at Ecolab, a local chemical company, and Camila has an internship at CNPEM. Good luck!

22 August 2016

 Igor delivers a talk entitled "Organocatalysis: a Powerful Tool in Organic Synthesis" at Unifesp-Diadema, SP during the 7th Scientific and Cultural Week of Unifesp Diadema

2 August 2016

Amanda da Silva joins the group as a new PhD student. Welcome!

15 February 2016

New MSc candidate Mateus L. Stivanin joins the group. Welcome!

1 February 2016

A new grant from Fapesp has been approved for the research in the chemistry of isoxazol-5-ones!

11 January 2016

Our review article on photochemical transformations enabled by EDA complexes has been just accepted in ACS Catalysis! This work was written in collaboration with the group of Prof. M. Paixão (UFSCar, Brazil). Congratulations, team!

5 December 2015

A new undergraduate student, Thamy Aruanne, joins the group. Welcome!

27 November 2015

Fernando Okasaki and Gabriela P. de Almeida have finished their undergraduate work and say farewell to the group. Good luck in the future!

7 August 2015

Igor delivers  a talk about his group recent results on mechanistic investigations using mass-spectrometry. The Agilent workshop took place at the Institute of Chemistry, Unicamp, as a result of the collaboration between Agilent and the Thomson laboratory of Mass Spectrometry (Unicamp).

27-28 July 2015

Igor delivers a talk entitled Exploring the Chemistry of isoxazol-5-ones: teaching old ponies new tricks at the "2o Coloquio Colombiano de Química Orgánica" at the Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia.

14 July 2015

New undergraduate student Marcelo Duarte joins the group. Welcome!

28 May 2015

Naylil is awarded one of the three prizes of best poster presentation, given by the organic chemistry division at the 38th annual Meeting of the Brazilian Chemical Society. The meeting took place in Aguas de Lindoia, SP, between 25 and 28th May, 2015. She presented the work entitled "Exploring the chemistry of isoxazol-5-ones: a divergent approach towards β-branched carbonyl compounds". Congratulations, Naylil!

30 April 2015

Our most recent work on the addition of soft carbon nucleophiles to alkylidene isoxazol-5-ones has been published in Organic Letters. Congratulations, Naylil!

13 April 2015

New undergraduate student Fernando Okasaki joins the group. Welcome!

10 April 2015

Camila Sartori is awarded a BSc Fellowship from Fapesp. Congratulations, Camila!

1 December 2014

The group is awarded a research grant from CNPq ("Universal Call") for the next three years!

29 October 2014

Igor has a book published by the "Presses Académiques Francophones" on the topic of alkyne synthesis and gold catalyzed processes, based on his PhD work (500 pages!). The book is now available in stores (in french).

15 September 2014

 Naylil M. R. Capreti is awarded a BSc Fellowship from Fapesp. Congratulations, Naylil!

9 September 2014

The undergraduate student Camila Sartori joins the group. Welcome!

15 August 2014

The undergraduate student Gabriela P. de Almeida joins the group. Welcome!

25 April 2014

Renata Dias leaves the group after a short and intense period of studies. Good luck, Renata!

15 January 2014

Naylil M. R. Capreti joins the group. Welcome!

10 January 2014

Renata Dias joins the group. Welcome!

1 October 2013

The  group is awarded a research grant from Fapesp ("Regular Project") for a 2 years period!

6 December 2013

The group launches its website! We live!

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